I’m Sorry I Married You

I see Facebook’s memory for five years ago on this day … and the smile in my boyfriend’s eye as we saw our first supermoon together. Against all odds, we fell in love. Fate brought us together, possibilities opened up for us and we realized that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.

No one understood why we choose to get married. We weren’t spring chickens, we’d both been married before. We aren’t your typical religious worshipers so it certainly wasn’t going to upset the cosmos by our eye of the needle. But we do have very strong values and we believe in doing the right thing.

We knew we would loose his health insurance and disability income when we got married. But we understood, that’s how needs based disability insurance works. And even though my fixed income and SSDI is tight to make ends meet, we ran the numbers and trusted the government to make this work. We trusted that my husband would be able to pay for health insurance, once he lost his money. We trusted that the Affordable Health Care provision of not excluding people with pre-existing conditions meant that I could marry the man that I loved and even though that meant he would loose his disability check, we would be able to afford his health insurance on the open market.

We depended on the promise of Affordable Health Care. And we were married last year.

I look at how blissfully happy we were in that photo soon after we first met and fell in love and I see so much hope and happiness. Now when we look deep in each others eyes, if takes all we have to ally our fears. Which is impossible of course. In 100 days, our world, our dreams, our future has been forever changed in more ways than we could have imagined.

No supermoon will ever look the same again.

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