Hate Crimes Against Humanity

You know the trolls, they are the men who post on your social threads trying to elicit a response. They want you to be angry. They want to outrage you. They want to go back and forth and back and forth with more and more intensity. The more rage they can inspire the bigger they feel. They hit the keyboard harder as they contemplate what to say next. Make no mistake these hate mongering attacks are sublimating their own short comings.  Their unfulfilled frustration of never being enough.  

Of course its not only men, there are women who re-post the hate baiting propaganda.  With their pom poms in the air trying to show their team spirit for the shock jocks because somehow abusive for them feels like a real man.  
The attraction to the distraction of hate crime media is not new.  But when Mr. Trump glorified the gutter and encourages his worshipers of Hate In Thy Name the result is that the bar is buried so low in the mud it trips your common sense and decency.  We are left wrestling one another in a pay per view spectacle that arouses and feeds the beast.

We live in a time when veritable journalism is being called fake news and the false equivalency of tabloid trash gets jettisoned into the stratosphere of newsworthy.   The trickle down race baiting drills into the campus walls and sets the prize of national coverage if they contort their white lies into hate porn.  And suddenly all the woo-woo comes out of the woodwork as the next bs elliot tries to get off on his own californication.  Perhaps this is what happens when we elect a reality tv ego to lead our nation. 

For the next person who says what’s the problem, grow a pair, put your big girl panties on (typing one handed), sticks and drones, its only words, I have a right to my opinion …. I will whisper STOP.  Because in truth I want to yell FUCK YOU but I realize that only feeds the sexterbation of the problem at hand.  So I will whisper instead STOP IT.  This isn’t a round of harmless tit for pat.  Lives and livelyhoods are at stake.  Because your hate bating creates fear and phobias to go and grow unchecked to the point where marginalized sentient beings can not check in to a hotel.  A college club can not go to the movie theater without security guard harassment.  The swastika on the student’s locker, the hijab ripped off of the young woman’s face, the girl who is assaulted when she goes to the restroom because they think peeing is an olympic event that must have establish DNA testing. 

In the virtual cartoon world there is a common tagline that reminds “There is a real person behind this avatar.”  Because we want to protect our heart or our feelings.  It would be wise for us to remember when you read, re-tweet and subscribe to hate,  you are willingly chumming the waters with the blood of those that will be the target of the lynch mob trolls.  They attack like well trained militia piranhas.  Some are likely bots that are created to seek out public hate threads and post their toxic payload in order to get more hits, more traffic, more people to divide and conquer.  From the over-reactionist who simply “doesn’t understand all this feminist speak” to the “go back home we don’t want your kind here” and the overt second amendment threats of violence, there are dangerous consequences. When you stand in solidarity with someone who is doing nothing to protect those being bullied by the worst of our society, then you are part of the brute squad and it is as real as life gets.

In the meantime each of us can choose to open our eyes, google the facts (not the pay-for-slay), help those we know see what is going on and ask them to stop taking the bait.   We can listen to the voices of those that need our help and do all we can so that no one gains from their pain.  Know the difference between free speech and hate crimes against humanity.  Don’t provide a space on your social feed for hate ejaculators and don’t let them get a rise out of you.  Find your sangha and sanctuary … power to the people, let freedom ring.

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